• Science Mentors Program

  • Through our Science Mentors Program, graduate and undergraduate students from UCR are paired with K-12 students from RUSD to work on unique science fair projects. RUSD students will have the opportunity to use UCR's laboratory resources to investigate climate science research questions and present there findings at local and regional science fairs. Check out our current projects below!

Project Title

Grade Level

UCR Mentor

Developing a toolkit to track oxygen depletion in past oceans

Poly High School

Noah Planavsky

Rainfall and exotic California grasslands

North High School

Priya Balasubramaniam

The albedo of varying roof types

King High School

Kenny Ryan & Corrie Neighbors

The influence of climate change on California stream flow

North High School

Lucas Joel

Making hay in the deep ocean: Carbon sequestration in the deep ocean

King High School

Lindsay Saum

Insulating Riverside from global warming

Ramona High School

Monia Akter

Carbon sequestration by conversion of recycled concrete to calcium carbonate

King High School

Jeremy Owens

Effective watering methods

Gage Middle School

Sarah French, Magali Lopez and Anais Monay

Marine eutrophication is not progressing at a snail's pace

Pachappa Elementary School

Ashkaan Fahimipour

Ocean acidification

Ramona High School

Megan Rohrssen

Dissolved oxygen in water

Ramona High School

Breanna Harris

Changing rainfall and the eutrophication of waterways

Ramona High School

Matt Wolak

Contaminants in stormwater runoff due to increased rainfall

Pachappa Elementary School

Laurel Dodgens

Breaking down toxins with local fungi

Pachappa Elementary School

Gerald Claghorn

  • Geoscience Education Outreach Program

  • The UCR Earth Sciences Department has a K-6 outreach program called the Geoscience Education Outreach Program (GEOP) that brings UCR graduate and undergraduate students to RUSD classrooms to teach kids about geoscience topics. Presentation topics include Rocks & Minerals, Fossils, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Climate Change. These presentations are fun for the students and free to RUSD classrooms, so please contact us if you would like to schedule a presentation. Email Jennifer Reising at jreising@ucr.edu